Pochen Symposium 2023 (October 5th to 8th, 2023, Wirkbau Chemnitz)

Has our world really become fragile? Supposedly stable political certainties, social truths, identities, ecosystems, infrastructures, economies and international relations - everything suddenly seems to have an expiry date written into it. The moment of crisis has become the signature of our young century.

How does that affect us, Chemnitz, art and its production? With the Pochen Symposium we want to get closer to the answers to these questions. With various formats for exchange and networking, we will discuss with you what we all have in store for the Biennale 2024, both artistically and discursively.

Particular attention should be paid to the local and global challenges in Eastern Europe. As part of the events, we reflect with you on the shared experience of the East and derive important impulses for political and cultural education.

Be there, get to know perspectives from Chemnitz, Germany, Eastern and Central Europe (unexpected), network (synergy) with over 40 local, regional and European partners and enrich the symposium with your position, that of your association or your institution (statement).

You can download the symposiums zine here.

These institutions are involved.

We're looking forward!

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