Price of the future

From 1990 to 1994, the Treuhandanstalt was responsible for the historic transfer of GDR state-owned assets into private ownership. The Treuhandanstalt had a key role in the deployed process of transformation of East German society that began after reunification. However, the accelerated procedure, the numerous privatisations and closures of East German companies, quickly caused unrest in politics and the East German public life. To this day, the historically unique transformation process continues to raise questions.

How do the ruptures resulting from such a profound transformation process in people’s lives and in the present of a society? From 22 October to 1 November, the POCHEN Biennale will approach this question. Through the lens of multimedia art, we will be shedding light on the most decisive upheaval of the past 30 years. An upheaval that seems to cast a shadow right up to the present. International and national artists, experts and partners join us in exploring the question of how high the price of the future was.

You can expect carefully curated artist positions and new artistic productions in the halls of the Wirkbau Chemnitz. In cooperation with the Berlin Museum of Values, we also present a citizen-participatory exhibition that approaches the topic with artefacts and individual anecdotes around the time. The artists become keyword providers for debate, exchange and discussion. The festival programme will be supplemented by panel discussions, artist talks, films and readings at prominent cultural locations in the city.