Pochen Biennale 2022

The (New) Measuring of the World

POCHEN Biennale 29.09. - 09.10.22

POCHEN Symposium 2021

The Symposium 2021 was dedicated to the attempt to penetrate the phenomena of digitalization and datafication more deeply. We were asking: "What experiences and skills do people need as data-competent and data-sovereign individuals in the 21st century?". The aim was to comprehensively sensitize participants and visitors to the handling of digital as well as analog data and to stimulate discussions. With the help of talks, panel discussions, concerts and workshops, different perspectives and approaches were to be uncovered. At any time, the focus of the 4-day symposium from October 21 to 24 2021 was on multimedia art and the mediation perspectives it offers for the topic.

We welcomed our guests at Chemnitz Open Space, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Kulturhaus Arthur and the public space. Among them were:

Here you can find the program of the Symposium 2021