Athens Digital Art - 01

At the annual Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), an international community of artists and visitors celebrate digital culture and the elusive transition from the digital to the physical. Local and international artists of the ADAF work on all aspects of digital creativity.

	Athens Digital Art - 02
	Athens Digital Art - 03
	Node Festival (Modena) - 01

Every two years, the international NODE festival in Modena provides a platform for lovers of electronic music and production of live media. The most innovative artists are given the opportunity to explore the creative potential of the synergy between music, video, sound design and electronic art.

	Node Festival (Modena) - 02
	Node Festival (Modena) - 03
	WRO Biennale - 01

As a forum for new media art, the WRO Biennale dominates the art festival landscape of Poland and Central Europe. Founded in 1989, the WRO Biennale presents art forms characterized by the use of new media for artistic expression and communication.

	WRO Biennale - 02
	WRO Biennale - 03
	Cynetart - 01
© David Pinzer Fotografie

Since 1997 the Cynetart Festival has developed into the most important institution for contemporary media art in the German-speaking world. Here, art shows its cultural mediation potential: dance, computer-aided performances and the creation of digital worlds dare to bridge the gap between intuition, craft, aesthetics and narrative.

	Cynetart - 02
© David Pinzer Fotografie
	Cynetart - 03
© David Pinzer Fotografie
	Cynetart - 04
© David Pinzer Fotografie
	Sonica - 01

This Slovenian festival for electronic music, sound and experimental art is organized by the Museum of Transistory Art under the name Sonica. The Sonica is experimental in nature: it deliberately questions conventional exhibition and stage formats by crossing the boundaries between theory, object and performance.

	Sonica - 02
	Sonica - 03