Pochen Biennale 2022

The (New) Measuring of the World

POCHEN Biennale 29.09. - 09.10.22

What if we have no more questions? The mediation programme

Questions are the basis for gather- ing information and accumulat- ing knowledge. They are an expression of curiosity and self- reflection. They determine our lives and our social interaction. What would the world be with- out questions? They create the possibility of dialogue and they reveal knowing not-knowing. Algorithms don’t ask questions, they find answers to questions that people ask. What can I know? What should I do? What can I hope for? What is the human being? These are the basic ques- tions of philosophy and what distinguishes us from machines, right?

The POCHEN Biennale, with its exhibitions and comprehensive, participatory mediation pro- gramme, is intended to be and give space to ask questions. We would like to encourage—also ourselves—to put the credo of knowing not-knowing to the front and to embark on a journey of discovery together with you. What does surveying mean? What is new about it? And how could a new map of the world look like? We want to encourage everyone to ask questions. And at the same time to find personal aspects and new information in the exhib- its, texts and events. Data is information, it can provide answers—but to which questions? As visitors, you help shape the exhibition, leave messages for next guests and find orientation in the questions of others. Help us to see the artworks, the accompanying programme, the theme and the Biennale itself in a different way. 

What is data actually? How do they influence our lives together? Can we capture all that? Do we want to know? What would a world without data look like? Is that possible (yet)? Do we just drop dead without data? Why is data so important? Why do we still know so little about it? Can we still get out of the shit? Does it even suck? Can you ask questions endlessly? What have you never asked yourself? Is it possible to develop a mediation programme based entirely on questions? Shall we give it a try? Are you in?