Andreas Siekmann - 01

Since the beginning of his career, Andreas Siekmann has been concerned with the possibilities of doing socio-critical artistic work in the present. To this end, he examines political processes and their effects on the public space, with a focus on economic criticism, among other things. At the POCHEN Biennale 2020, he will be showing prints that deal with our focus theme "Treuhand".

Bernd Hennig - 01

After studying graphic design and sculpture, the German artist Hennig Bernd worked for 23 years as a professor in the Department of Design at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau. He is a member of the German and Baden-Württemberg Artists' Association. To this day he concentrates on the technique of sculpture, creates sculptures and makes drawings.

Catharina Szonn - 01

Storage magazines, document shredder, plastic curtains and other media are combined by Frankfurt artist Catharina Szonn to create unusual installations. Her focus is on current socio-cultural themes. It is the question of the relationship between man and machine that she raises for this year's POCHEN Biennale.

Born in Switzerland, Daniel Pflumm was one of the founding figures of Berlin in the 1990s. He opened several clubs there, whose equipment included screens on which he showed his video works. The work he is showing at the POCHEN Biennale 2020 is a 16:9 format single-channel video. It reflects the manipulative capacity of capitalist image and audio culture.

David Polzin is a German artist and after studying sculpture he focused on artistic installations. In his work "Marken Zeichen Signete aus der Postimperialen Phase Deutschlands" he developed logos of companies and institutions which could have existed under other economic and political conditions in East Germany during the reunification, but did not.

Fantastic Little Splash - 01

The artist group fantastic little splash, consisting of Lera Malchenko and Oleksandr Hants, combines art with media research. They are interested in the overlapping of different media, their effects and the uncertainty associated with them. At the POCHEN Biennale 2020 they show impressions from the abandoned Hotel PARUS in Dnipro (Ukraine) as the birthplace of the Soviet Union.

Hannes Waldschütz - 01

The artist Hannes Waldschütz, who lives and works in Leipzig, focuses his work on art in public media space. In his works he deals with machines and people, with technology and society and shows installations, objects and performances. At the POCHEN Biennale 2020, he is showing his work "Machine, that waits for God" made of glass, microelectronics and software.

Irène Mélix - 01

The artist Irene Melix from Dresden uses a variety of traditional and modern media such as drawings, screen printing, linocut, installations, sound and video. Her works focus on political issues, queer stories and other topics from the LGBTQ+ community. At the POCHEN Biennale 2020 she will show two works: a digital recording and foil writing and laser cut.

The two German artists Falk Haberkorn (born in Berlin) and Sven Johne (born on the island of Rügen) will each show an individual and a joint work at the POCHEN Biennale 2020. Both studied under Timm Rauert at the HGB Leipzig. Their focus in art is on photography, writing and image as well as conceptual art. Their joint work is a video titled "Sing Hallelujah!"

Katerina Antonoupolou - 01

Katerina Antonopoulou a.k.a peqpez perceives her artistic work as an open and dynamic process through which she discovers everyday and social interaction. Her works are hybrid, consisting of something physical and something digital. For her work "Inflated_ego" she uses a balloon and real-time data generated by the social media platform Facebook.

Sven Johne - 01

The two German artists Falk Haberkorn (born in Berlin) and Sven Johne (born on the island of Rügen) will each show an individual and a joint work at the POCHEN Biennale 2020. Both studied under Timm Rauert at the HGB Leipzig. Their focus in art is on photography, writing and image as well as conceptual art. Their joint work is a video titled "Sing Hallelujah!"

Tim Rakutt - 01

Tim Rakutt is curator at Café Monk and Atelier Götz as well as a member of Das Ufer e.V. (Weltecho). His work for the POCHEN Biennale 2020, titled "Apparat der Treue" (Apparatus of Loyalty), is mainly composed from newspapers and magazines of the former GDR. The work is intended to provide an abstract outline of the Treuhandanstalt as a bureaucratic machine of privatisation, which was controversial in many areas.

Ute Richter - 01

The media artist Ute Richter completed her training in Dresden. Her artistic focus is on site-specific installations in public space and art in context. For the POCHEN Biennale 2020, she has made available a video of over 23 minutes titled "liquidate", which deals with the liquidation of businesses by the Treuhandanstalt between 1990 and 1994.

Via Lewandowsky - 01

Via Lewandowsky organised subversive performances in Dresden in the former GDR with the avant-garde group of the "Autoperforationsartisten", which subverted the official GDR art scene. He works with changing media, often with sculptures, installations and performances. The work "Contenance" is a geometric sculpture and will be shown at the POCHEN Biennale 2020".

VTOL - 01

The Russian transdisciplinary artist Dmitry Morozov aka ::vtol:: is concerned with contemporary media art. This includes sound, robotics and installations. His works, which have already been shown in museums and exhibitions around the world, deal with the topics of self-organisation, chaos and order and data interpretation. Three of his works are on display at the POCHEN Biennale 2020.

Ya-Wen Fu - 01

The artistic works of Ya-Wen Fu revolve around the relationship between body and space. Again and again the artist locates this relationship within a differentiated concept and critically analyses the individual in space. With her performance and interactive sound installation "Metamorphosis" the Japanese artist will be represented at the POCHEN Biennale.

 Nonument Gruppe - 01

The NONUMENT Group is a multidisciplinary group of artists and researchers from Slovenia, which deals with the shift in meaning of 20th century architecture and the monuments of this period. They record and archive so-called "Nonuments" all over the world. For the POCHEN Biennale 2020, they will deal with the privatisation process of the Treuhand in Chemnitz".

Anya Zholud - 01

The Russian artist Anya Zholud was born in Leningrad, in the former USSR. In St. Petersburg she studied at the Art College and the State Academy of Applied Art and Design. The main focus of her artistic activity is sculpture and painting. Most of her works are exhibited in Russia and she has been part of group exhibitions in Italy and Germany.

Benedikt Braun - 01

The graduated artist Benedikt Braun from Weimar works independently as UFK (Ultra Freier Künstler). With his works he addresses topics such as utopia, revolution, truth and also the opposite of these. Installations, conceptual art, video and photo as well as performance are his preferred media. The work presented at the POCHEN Biennale 2020 was constructed from conveyor belts.

Fuse* is an Italian studio that works on the boundary between art and science. Generative art, where the focus is on the creation process rather than the end product, is its main focus. For this they use the real-time analysis of Big Data. Their audiovisual new production for the POCHEN Biennale 2020 is titled "TREU" and combines multimedia with sound. The work questions "trust".

Gabriele Dolff-Bonekämper - 01

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Dolff-Bonekämper is an art historian and monument conservator. Her artistic work, which will be shown at the POCHEN Biennale 2020, consists of chairs that formed the "Round Table". At this table, representatives of the government and opposition groups fought for a society for which gender justice, migration issues, environmental protection and social justice were central.

Karolina Freino - 01

Karolina Freino, born in Poland, studied in Wroclaw, Edinburgh and Weimar. She works at the interface of different media and focuses on art in public space. During her career she has been awarded various scholarships, for example from the Alfred Töpfer Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Her work at the POCHEN Biennale 2020 is titled "STRIKE".

Lysann Nemeth - 01

The work of Lysann Németh is characterised by interdisciplinarity. In her own words, she is interested in "discovering beauty in the everyday". She has been working and living in Chemnitz since 2008 and was already a member of the artists' group Institut für wahre Kunst as well as of the Begehungen e.V.. The work, which will be shown at the POCHEN Biennale 2020, was created from umbrella frames and polyester resin.

Oskar Schmidt - 01

Oskar Schmidt was born in the GDR and was a master student of Timm Rautert at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. His works can be found in public and private collections. For the POCHEN Biennale 2020, the artist is showing photographs that were already taken during his studies at the HGB. These include photographs from former state-owned businesses in the GDR.