Pochen Biennale 2022

The (New) Measuring of the World

POCHEN Biennale 29.09. - 09.10.22

Experimental city tour with and by Katja Manz

Can you map the moment? An experimental exploration

After a short introduction, we form travel groups and turn the way of looking upside down. We let ourselves drift through the streets and track down hidden corners. We document surprising things and through our research we inscribe ourselves in the urban space. In the process, we leave traces and the coincidental leads the way. Can we look at the familiar city in a new way and record the moment? Together, we evaluate our discoveries at the end and look at our cartographies of the moment.

01 10 2022 - 14:00
Meeting Point: Wirkbau Chemnitz
Duration: 3h
Admission: free
Registration: info@pochen.eu