Pochen Biennale 2022

The (New) Measuring of the World

POCHEN Biennale 29.09. - 09.10.22

Biennale 2022 - All at a glance

Pochen Biennale 2022
29 09 2022 … 09 10 2022

The (New) Measuring of the World

Artists 2022:
Nora Al-Badri, Brigitta Bödenauer, Charlotte Eifler + Clarissa Thieme, Disnovation.org, Ingo Günther, Norimichi Hirakawa, IP Group + Ania Haudek, Pawel Janicki, Wolf Kahlen, Christina Kubisch Bernd Lintermann + Peter Weibel, Joana Moll, Špela Petric, Johanna Reich, Rocco & seine Brüder, Evan Roth, Niklas Roy + Kati Hyyppä, RYBN.ORG, Michael Saup + Anastasiia Belousova, The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA, Simon Weckert

Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka

Opening hours:
Tue – Fri.: 15:00 – 19:00
Sat. – Sun.: 11:00 – 19:00

Guided tours: during 01 10 2022 … 09 10 2022
Registration: info@pochen.eu

Admission: 5,- €. Selected events charge admission. Please check the descriptions in this program brochure, on Facebook or Instagram.
Free entry: 07 10 2022 (Fri.)

How to get there:Our exhibition venue in the Wirkbau Chemnitz is located at Lothringer Straße 11, 09120 Chemnitz. We are located on the premises in building C (2nd floor). The work Grey Noise by Brigitta Bödenauer is located in the entrance area of the club "transit" (Kulturbahnhof), Reichenhainerstraße 1 and can be heard during the opening hours of the exhibition.

Closest bus stop: Chemnitz, Lothringer / Elsasser Straße.
If you travel by train, we recommend to get o! at Chemnitz-Südbahnhof and then walk 5 minutes to the exhibition site via Altchemnitzer Straße and Lothringer Straße.